Don Bennett's War
By Donald Bennett Sr. 

Written when I was in the Army Hospital for 19 months recovering from wounds.


Table of Contents

Prologe: This was it!

Chapter 1: Camp Shanks

Chapter 2: Boarding the Ships

Chapter 3: The 'Cruise'

Chapter 4: Land!

Chapter 5: The Mediterranean

Chapter 6: Marseilles dock duty

Chapter 7: First pass to Marseilles

Chapter 8: Good Times

Chapter 9: North to Battle

Chapter 10: Epinal France

Chapter 11: Close to War

Chapter 12: Vosges Mountains

Chapter 13: St. Diè

Chapter 14: First Casualty

Chapter 15: Peace in the valley?

Chapter 16: Leapfrogging

Chapter 17: The ‘B.A.R.’ man

Chapter 18: Back to the Front

Chapter 19: German fast retreat

Chapter 20: Night Fire

Chapter 21: Taking a village

Chapter 22: Lundeen

Chapter 23: Misery

Chapter 24: R & R

Chapter 25: Confusion & Horror

Chapter 26: SS armored division

Chapter 27: Coal Country

Chapter 28: Caught in the Middle

Chapter 29: Neighbors

Chapter 30: The Maginot Line

Chapter 31: Climbach

Chapter 32: Hit by an 88

Chapter 33: Field Hospital

Chapter 34: Air Raids & Christmas

Chapter 35: Penicillin & Aix

Chapter 36: Leaving Europe

Chapter 37: Hospital Ship

Chapter 38: USA & Home!


National WW2 Memorial Honoree

Cactus Division Timeline

From Bruyeres to Brenner; The Combat Story of the Fighting 411th

Barry Wood and Patsy Kelly singing "A Tree that Grows in Brooklyn." The Stage Door Canteen in New York City.


The Santa Maria
The Gray Line's Santa Maria.


Climbach France
Battle at Climbach


Don & Virginia on their wedding day
Don & Virginia (Ginny)


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